Day: <span>April 16, 2021</span>
Day: April 16, 2021

Bedroom Accent Wall

How To Use Wallpaper The Right Way

If the time has come for you to redecorate your bedroom, you maybe need some ideas. It is easy to get lost in so many different designs, which is why we are going to offer one easy solution that will help you get a whole new vibe.

You will first have to do removal wallpaper if you have them because our suggestion is putting up brand new wallpaper and creating an accent wall. The first direction you can go in is patterns. Depending on the esthetics you are going for, you can choose different patterns. For a boy’s bedroom, you can go for the blue sky with clouds. For a girl, there are many floral designs to choose from, which are perfect for an accent wall. If you are choosing it for yourself, not for your kids, we would recommend a dark room with geometric black and white wallpaper design.

Removal Wallpaper

If you are into industrial design, you can break it up a bit with green leaves, and make the whole room softer. For a more elegant look, a dark floral pattern with large flowers is the right choice. We would suggest making the accent wall above your bedroom frame. In any case, it should be a room that does not have anything covering it up. Make sure you do a good removal wallpaper, and clean and dry your walls before putting the new ones up.

An accent wallpaper wall can make so much difference. This is one detail that can make your whole room look different, and you should definitely think about doing it.